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 Candidate Endorsements

All of our endorsed candidates have also earned the endorsement of the Sierra Club: “in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to promoting social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in protecting the environment.” The Sierra Club believes that, "Boulder elected officials make vital decisions about local air quality, water quality, parks and open space, wildlife protection and energy generation and consumption, among other issues. Sierra Club endorsements identify candidates who prioritize environmental issues and are likely to take
a pro-environment position if elected. Boulder’s current housing crisis and resulting massive numbers of
in-commuters, air pollution and social inequity was a major focus of our candidate selection."

Nicole Speer final logo.png

Nicole Speer

As the director of Colorado University’s brain imaging research facility in the Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS), she manages a $1M budget, supervises a team of staff, scientists, and students, and develops and co-facilitates the ICS Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee. She was selected by Emerge Colorado into their 2020 Signature training program to develop women in political leadership to serve their communities. Nicole and her family live in South Boulder. Learn more about Nicole in this Boulder Beat candidate profile.

Matt Benjamin Logo.jpg

Matt Benjamin

A former education programs manager and astronomer at CU Boulder's Fiske Planetarium, Matt is also a photographer and serves on the Board of Directors for a number of local non-profits. He has been deeply involved in Boulder policy-making, including running the popular Our Mayor/Our Choice ballot measure, supported by 78% of the voters, to elect Boulder’s mayor through ranked-choice voting. He has served on several city working groups and ran the Coalition’s efforts to elect progressive candidates in 2019. He and his wife Jessica have two young children. Learn more about Matt in this Boulder Beat candidate profile.

Lauren Folkerts yard sign.png

Lauren Folkerts

Lauren is someone who contributes by nature, whether or not anyone is looking.  She forges community and advocates for environmental responsibility both through her work as an architect, and through her volunteer efforts.  She is currently a board member of the Colorado Green Building Guild and the City of Boulder’s Design Advisory Board, which she has chaired for the past three years.  The combination of her board and professional experiences give her a unique perspective. Her goals are making Boulder more equitable and sustainable by creating housing options for all, improving health and safety by filling gaps in social services, expanding transportation options, increasing government efficiency, and ensuring our open spaces are protected and maintained for generations of enjoyment. Learn more about Lauren in this Boulder Beat candidate profile.

dan williams logo only.png

Dan Williams

A practicing attorney at a downtown Boulder law firm, Dan has represented businesses and individuals throughout Boulder and the State of Colorado. At no cost or low cost, he also maintains an active practice, taking on civil rights and civil liberties cases and representing people who couldn’t otherwise afford access to counsel. Before becoming an attorney, Dan served as an advisor at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, working on welfare policy and community development programs. Dan has served on the Better Boulder Board of Directors for the past year. Dan and his wife live in North Boulder, and their two sons are attending universities. Learn more about Dan in this Boulder Beat candidate profile.

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