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Shared Values

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The overriding question is this: what kind of community do we want for our future? A wealthy gated community where few of our children, or teachers, or artists, or seniors can afford to live? Or a diverse, vibrant, eclectic community that has the vitality we cherish? The choices our leaders make now will determine the answer to that question. The stakes are high. The need for action is urgent. And doing nothing is not an option. We need a Council that guides us smartly into our future. Instead of the answer always being “no,” we need a Council that says “why not?” Instead of constant moratoriums, we need a Council that says “we can do this.” It is imperative that we start innovating and prototyping solutions to the issues that face our community.


There are those who fear change. But change is happening and needs to be managed with an eye on the future. Doing nothing is the surest way to accelerate the kinds of change we wish to avoid: soaring housing prices, increasing congestion and expanding inequality. Doing nothing means building an economic wall around Boulder, ensuring only the wealthy can afford to live here.

To create a diverse and inclusive Boulder, we must create more housing opportunity — opportunity for all of us: our workforce, our seniors, our first time home buyers, our students, for those trading up or trading down, for all the housing needs a diverse community requires. By creating housing opportunity, we also make progress toward our environmental and climate goals, and address some of the critical elements of our transportation needs.

We need a Council that values scientific evidence. That promotes public safety. That believes in problem solving. That understands our climate goals can best be met by smarter land use. Above all, we need a Council that is not beholden to a vocal few, but forges consensus and is flexible and open, that seeks out real solutions and real opportunities to move our community forward.

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