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The Coalition strongly believes that the faith and trust in our government and elected officials starts with an open and transparent political process. We have taken steps to put transparency at the core of how we organize, communicate and endorse our candidates. One of the most important commitments we make is in the way we and our member groups raise and spend money in support of candidates and issues during this election season. All four of the candidates we endorse are participating in the City’s matching funds program. We are fully adhering to the new and improved campaign finance rules that council adopted this past year based on the hard work by the Campaign Finance and Election Reform Working Group. We take these rules seriously and have taken a pledge that we “Ask permission and not forgiveness” of the Clerk's office and Election Administrators. We have met with and are in regular communication with the Clerk's office to make sure we are not only following the rules, but leading the way in which Boulder’s civic groups and individuals verify their actions and intensions with the City. 


Here is our pledge to Boulder residents:



  • We will focus on our shared values and provide clear solutions to the issues we face.

  • We will put facts first and facilitate intellectual conversations of the issues. We will not use fear to stir up people’s emotions.

  • We will be transparent with our finances. The new campaign finance rules drive clarity and trust of how we fund our campaigns.

  • We will ask for permission and not forgiveness from the Clerk's Office as we explore new ways to effectively campaign in support of both candidates and issues.

  • We will discourage our supporters from personal attacks and smears of those they disagree with.


We ask all of Boulder’s civic groups and residents to join us in making this pledge. We must focus on what we have in common rather that what divides us. Let us here in Boulder set the example and be the change we want to see in our State and Federal elections in 2021.

Want to know who is giving us money and how we are spending it? 

Want to read more about Boulder's election and campaign finance rules?

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